Want to break down and solve a challenge or opportunity in the business? Or set your business scaling strategy? Choose a half-day or full-day workshop and do just that.

Workshops are perfect if you wanted to conduct some discovery on your end, where you can explore a focus area in great detail with external facilitators who have experience in those areas.

Both workshop types involve the following sequence:

Preparation session where participants from your organisation meet ours to understand the focus area and the objectives of the workshop.

Communication between the preparation session and the workshop to keep all participants engaged in the process.

The workshop is conducted based on an agenda created from the preparation session.

A workshop output document is present to your Organisation post workshop, with the promise of the outcomes directly meeting your initial objectives.

Choosing to partner with Intent in any capacity means you have our full support of scale. We are happy to answer any questions you have about scaling a business even outside of any services or products.


Let us guide you in the journey of scaling your business. We know that when you are trying to scale, there is not one particular thing you have to focus on, you are often managing many balls in the air at the same time. Introducing intentional business scaling activity, therefore, seems difficult if it is done all at once.

Our scaling journey is a month-by-month service that allows our teams to collaborate each month to achieve something specific, that will uplift your scalability immediately.

This continued practice means that every month, your organisation has achieved an aspect of scale that is important to eventually achieve your scaling ambition.

The scaling journey involves the following:

●The selection of a Level for the upcoming month.

  • Four different levels available for you to choose: minimum involvement from our team to higher levels of involvement; which determines the pace of scale that suits you.

  • You can switch between levels each month depending on the workload in front of you.

●Determining the specific deliverable(s) for the upcoming month based on the Level chosen.

●In addition, you have access to a number of allocated contact hours for the month, based on the chosen Level, which can be used for any ad hoc scaling need of your organisation.

●The delivery of the deliverable(s) occurs during the month as promised.

●A repeat of the above steps each month builds scalability in a progressive and controlled manner.

●Cancel anytime if you are not seeing incredible value.

●If the need for projects is uncovered in a month, this will be run under a separate statement of works as a Project concurrently.

Throughout this process, you can trust that Intent is guiding you through all aspects of our scaling methodology, as it applies to you in that month.


Sometimes you need to focus on one thing and get it accomplished, that is where projects are helpful. Whether you need to implement a new technology ecosystem; change the way you manage talent; shift your culture; redesign processes; create a pitch deck etc, they all support the increase of your scalability.

Choosing to partner with Intent in any capacity means you have our full support of scale. We are happy to answer any questions you have about your scaling journey even outside of any services or products, such as this specific project.

All Intent Projects involve the following:

●A scoping workshop to define the parameters, objectives, scope, outputs and outcomes of the Project.

●Project kick-off meeting to initiate the commencement of the Project.

●The utilisation of our relevant scaling project framework to guide the project. For example, if it is a project focused on solving people's challenges, we will use Intent's Talent Management Framework. If it is a project to support your Organisation through your change initiatives, we will use Intent's Change Management Framework.

●Regular Project stand-ups to keep your Organisation involved in the process throughout the period.

●A custom dashboard to allow your Organisation to have autonomous visibility of your Project at all times.

●Consideration of interconnectedness of this project on other parts of your Organisation and the provision of recommendations to mitigate risks and to optimise impact. Components of interconnectedness are built into the project delivery also to ensure successful sustainable outcomes.

●The completion of the project with the attainment of the project objectives.


Our milestone-based program provides a clear guide for start-up founders, ensuring they take the most direct path to achieving their scaling ambition. By eliminating trial and error, guesswork, and uncertainty, we help build start-ups ready for the global stage.

Choosing to partner with Intent in any capacity means you have our full support of scale. We are happy to answer any questions you have about your scaling journey even outside of any services or products.

The membership includes the following:

✓ Curated content and activities

✓ Two 30-minute on-call sessions with our scaling consultants

✓ Access to exclusive Intent Frameworks, Methodologies, and Templates

✓ Invitation to the Intent Scaling Community

✓ Direct email/chat support for posting questions

The objective of this program:

✓ Access scaling insights to make your business scale-ready


If you don't know which area of your business requires the most focus and priority, choose one or many of Scaling Diagnostics to help you figure it out. How you assess the health and scalability of different aspects of your Organisation may be different to how we would evaluate them.

Our scaling diagnostics are highly comprehensive, digging deep into every area of scale so no stone is left unturned. You will obtain deep insight of your chosen scaling area and a comprehensive report on how to create solutions for it.

The Scaling Diagnostics product includes:

●Online scaling diagnostic for your chosen area of scale populated with several measurement questions to evaluate the level of scalability your organisation has in that area.

●The diagnostics are comprehensive, therefore you can save and exit, and retun at any time, to ensure you are evaluating yourself in a considered manner.

●Upon completion, you will receive an extensive report which documents risks and root causes of your challenge areas, as well as suggested solution options to implement.

●Knowing the areas of the business you need to improve will give you the best chance of scale.

Choosing to partner with Intent in any capacity means you have our full support of scale. We are happy to answer any questions you have about scaling a business even outside of any services or products.


Intent is your trusted partner in achieving business excellence through our comprehensive suite of consulting services. With a focus on innovation, strategic thinking, and practical solutions, we empower businesses of all sizes to scale towards tomorrow’s dynamic marketplace. We have specific scaling ‘offerings and products you can explore here’, generally speaking, we also offer:

Business Consulting Services

Harness our expertise to unlock your business's full potential. Our seasoned scaling consultants offer strategic guidance and actionable insights to address your most pressing challenges and capitalize on opportunities for growth and success.

Digital Strategy Consulting Services

Stay ahead of the curve with our digital strategy consulting services. From digital transformation and customer experience optimization to e-commerce strategy, we help businesses navigate the digital landscape and capitalize on emerging trends.

Frameworks for Business Strategy

Develop a winning strategy with our proven frameworks and methodologies. Our strategic consultants work closely with your team to develop customized strategies that align with your business goals and drive sustainable growth.

Business Management Advisory Services

Access strategic advice and support from our team of experienced advisors. From board governance and risk management to succession planning and M&A advisory, we help businesses navigate complex challenges and achieve their long-term objectives.

Business Management Consulting Services

Optimize your operations and enhance efficiency with our business management consulting services. From organizational restructuring and process optimization to performance management and change leadership, we provide the expertise needed to drive sustainable results.

Start-up Business Consulting Services

Launch your start-up with confidence with our specialized consulting services tailored to the unique needs of early-stage businesses. Whether you're looking to develop a business plan, secure funding, or navigate regulatory compliance, we provide the guidance and support needed to turn your vision into reality.

Data Management Consulting Services

Leverage the power of data to drive informed decision-making and unlock new opportunities for growth. Our data management consulting services help businesses harness the full potential of their data assets through effective governance, analytics, and visualization.

Financial Consultancy Services

Make informed financial decisions with our financial consultancy services. Whether you're looking to optimize your budgeting and forecasting processes, raise capital, obtain a financial model or improve financial performance, our experts provide the insights and support needed to achieve financial success.

At Intent, we are committed to delivering exceptional value and driving business success through our comprehensive consulting services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive in today's competitive landscape.

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