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What are the scaling diagnostics?

Scaling Diagnostics are a series of assessments that provide insights into your business's ability to scale.

These diagnostics help identify both known and unknown obstacles and gaps in your business, allowing you to focus your resources on areas that are most helpful for scaling.

Once you purchase a diagnostic, you will receive a custom link to a digital assessment. After completing the assessment, you will receive a detailed report that breaks down your strengths and weaknesses.

The report also provides definitions, context, and practical advice on how to improve your business in specific areas. If you score well, you will receive guidance on how to push your business to be in the top 3%. If you don't score well, that's okay, it will identify the areas you need to improve first.

No matter where you are in your business's scaling cycle, these diagnostics will show you what to do next.

Can I try one out first?

Yes! If you'd like to see what the assessments and report is like, you can complete the mini scaling diagnostic at no cost.

The Full Diagnostics Suite

The diagnostics suite covers 13 areas, that combine to assess the entire strategic and operational components of business that are required to achieve scale. Choose the area that concerns you the most and receive targeted insights and recommendations to then solve your own scaling challenges and evaluate your business's readiness for scaling in specific areas.

The benefits:

✔ Permanent access to the assessment

✔An exhaustive assessment on the chosen topic

✔A detailed report immediately sent to you

✔Identify strengths and weaknesses of the business

✔Ability to prioritise what to improve in the business2 Column

Assess the business' purpose and its alignment through the mission and vision

Assess the business' strategy for achieving targets and guiding decision-making

Assess the business' systems and processes to measure how efficient the operations is

Assess the business' extent of automation within technology to support scale

Assess the business' ability to take in external and internal information and analyse it to inform decision-making

Assess the business' customer centricity in meeting their needs and experience

Assess the business' leaders in driving goals and inspiring the team

Assess the business' innovative capability and practices to lead in efficiencies and the market

Assess the business' ability to develop relationships to create and seize opportunities

Assess the business' ability to identify and mitigate risk and balance stakeholder interests

Assess the business' culture and what is needed to support people and drive behaviours that enable scale

Assess the external forces on the business and how headwinds are managed and tailwinds seized

Assess the talent levels and performance in the business, their development and engagement required to support scale

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Purpose Diagnostic

Your business purpose is essentially the 'why' of your business. It needs to be more than merely 'to make profit'. Purchase this diagnostic to understand if your business has a Purpose which can be anchored in conjunction with Vision and Mission to be the north star; and whether they are all collectively enabling your scale.

Strategy Diagnostic

A scaling strategy refers to the actions and decisions that a company takes to reach its scaling ambition and have a lions share of its industry. This diagnostic identifies whether your business has sufficiently defined what it needs to do to reach its desired heights. It also looks at whether all other structural components necessary to guide decision-making for scale, are in place.

Simplification Diagnostic

Simplification is about viewing the organisation as a system, and making all functional parts of it run as efficiently as possible - also known as a business's 'process architecture'. This diagnostic helps you identify process gaps, flaws and redundancies in your delicate business ecosystem and points out best approaches for improvement for scale.

Automation Diagnostic

The automation of business processes is imperative for a business to keep up with modern demands, improve ways of working and increase efficiency in all aspects of the business. This diagnostic helps you determine if a 'digital transformation' is necessary for your business; the specific areas of your technology utilisation that needs closer attention and how to best leverage technology for scale.

Information Diagnostic

Effective information management is essential in strategising, planning and decision making - all critical elements for successful scaling. Information should be high quality, timely, reliable, easy to access and securely governed. If this is not your current environment, this diagnostic will help you identify why that may be the case. Information and analytics influence your ability to make scaling judgements - use this diagnostic to strengthen your businesses capability in this regard.

Customer Centricity Diagnostic

Customer centricity is when a business focuses purely on meeting customers needs rather than selling what the business makes to whomever will buy it from the open market. Ever wondered how customer centric or customer obsessed your business actually is? Did you know that this is not the same thing as customer service? This diagnostic will help you identify all of these insights and more.

Leadership Diagnostic

Leadership does not necessarily mean seniority, titles or roles within a business; but rather is the capacity to translate a business's Vision into reality. Great leadership is required for a business to foster trust and loyalty, and to inspire its team to achieve goals and ultimately scaling ambition. The last thing leaders in business evaluate is themselves, but it should be the first thing that is evaluated, given the importance of the role they play. This diagnostic will help your business identify if your leadership is equipped to take you through the scaling journey.

Innovation Diagnostic

Business Innovation is when an organisation introduces new processes, services, or products to affect positive change in their business. This can include improving existing methods or practices, or starting from scratch. Innovation should be embedded in a strategy, and lived through the organisation's culture. Ever measured how well innovation is practiced in your organisation? This diagnostic helps you identify what you are missing in terms of innovation practices to ensure your business knows how to scale towards your clients future needs.

Building Networks Diagnostic

Business networking is the process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and potential clients or customers. Strategic partnerships; joint ventures and advocates have the effect of multiplying your scaling benefits. These relationships can summount to tangible and intangible gains, simply through communication and collaboration. This diagnostic helps you identify whether you have overlooked any aspect of building networks.

Governance Diagnostic

It is essential for a high-performing business to have strong governance to manage risk, and to balance the interests of the company and stakeholders. A governance framework must allow for innovation, transformation and modernisation and be able to effectively manage their associated risks. This diagnostic helps you identify gaps in your corporate governance framework.

Culture Diagnostic

Culture is the immune system of an organisation - it can be built up or torn down, an organisation is heavily dependent on it and influenced by it, it can adapt and it will naturally fight the unknown. Everyone now knows the power of culture however does your business know how powerful or damaging your culture is currently to your ability to scale? This diagnostic will help you identify the aspects of culture that may not yet be considered for scale.

Influences Diagnostic

Influences are any party or thing that can affect a business. The influence of things on a business should be effectively managed while the people who influence a business must be effectively doing so. Influences are the external forces that have a direct or indirect scaling impact on the business, however are not often measured or evaluated effectively. This diagnostic helps you understand how well you are managing these curve balls thrown your way.

People Diagnostic

The People diagnostic focuses on 3 major areas connected to employees: Talent Management; Training & Development and Employee Engagement. How an organisation manages people is an ongoing and highly important thing and majorly impacts the retention of Talent; which is necessary for scale. This diagnostic helps you identify your business's strengths and weaknesses on the people front.

Scaling Diagnostic

The Intent Scaling Diagnostic is the mother of all diagnostics. It is a comprehensive evaluation of a business's ability to scale in ALL areas of the Junkeer Scaling Model. If you are serious about scale and want to take intentional steps to achieving all of your scaling desires. The fastest approach is to complete the Scaling Diagnostic and attend to all of your scaling blind spots methodically and in a prioritised way. Never die wondering what you could have done better to improve your business's scaling outcomes. Work it out by using this tool and then create your plan of attack.

Remember the wise man became wise because he sought the knowledge that he needed to have.

The structure of this comprehensive assessment is similar to the individual diagnostics, you can expect the questions and report to also be broken down as per the 13 topics of the individual diagnostics. The report is content rich and built in a way that is simple to understand and will give you a wealth of takeaways.

Don't miss a thing with the Scaling Diagnostic and take the first step towards directing your business towards the highest level of scalability.